Monday, February 16, 2009

something frivolous

After all the pompousness of my last post I thought I better come clean. Another sketchbook doodle that has become a little print. No deep meaning. Not "ART" . The print version at 4" X 6" is about 8X larger than the original drawing done from memory.
Both my children use their scooters everyday so it's an object of daily life for us. The chocolate kiss on the other hand is from my memory. I've moved on to better chocolate. Although, if there's a bowl of them at the doctor's office or the bank I will still eat them without shame.
The title was added when I carved the block. I think I might remove it. Or just print it on the little white label.

Scooter Kiss
Japanese woodblock print in Sumi ink on S. Torinoko paper


  1. Hi Andrew,
    Funny to find you this way. I'm drooling over the apparent utopian life of an artist farmer. I'm sitting in my office looking at the silk screen print of the tight rope walker you made at Williams. It sits on the wall above my computer. I like your woodcuts--they remind me of the more playful silk screens you made in college. I smiled at my memory of your sense of humor. I don't know if you want to catch up--and I understand if you don't. Let me know. I'm in California with my husband every summer by the way. Glad you're still making art.


  3. Dear Donna,

    Thanks. I think my better woodcuts, those that are less self-conscious are similar to the whimsical silkscreens I did in college. I seem to be able to explore the absurdity and humor in everyday life more easily when I do prints....though I'm not sure why the slower, more thoughtful method of printmaking works better for me when I tie it to the more playful/spontaneous images. I've done some really funny (at least to me) birthday cards for my sons, but then the pressure is off when you have an audience of one or two and their ages are 8 or 10!
    I'm glad you found me. Look through some of the earlier posts. I'd like to know what you think.