Sunday, May 31, 2009

Blue Balloon-final version

It seems like it must have been a sad birthday party.

After lots of fits and starts, or in this case wetting, then drying, then re-wetting my cut paper, I finally got into the studio to finish the final version of the nude print, "Balloon". It ended up as an edition varie as I never really settled on a background color and most have a cobalt violet ground, reprinted with a light glaze of quinacradone pink/indanthanthrone blue with a dark blue keyblock.

I'm happy to be done with it as it was meant to be a quick print based on a loose drawing and it has just dragged on and on. I'm envious of all you organized types that manage to work efficiently and get work done on schedule. I can't figure out where the time goes.

Balloon, Japanese Moku Hanga print, edition varie of 30 with several A/Ps with slightly different background tonalities.


  1. Remember what David says, "If you enjoy doing something isn't it a good thing that it takes a long time?" Of course, he is leaving out that sometimes frustration can mount during the process. You can count this as one of your many successes. And, now on to the next one...

  2. Well, I'd be happy if the long time was spent on printmaking and not the millions of other things that seem to keep me from making it into the studio. Some are external to me and some are just my own lack of organization. Days can go by and I'm left scratching my head going, "now what did I get done today?"
    But I have lots of ideas for the next prints so I'll start thinking about the next one.

  3. Well, I think I will chalk up the head ambiguity to charm of the piece. It has a certain atmosphere......this is undeniable. What's next?

  4. Hmmm. What's next? We head back to Florence for part of the Summer and I'm not sure if I'll have time for anything other than sketching.

    I left a small farm largely unattended so I'll need to clean up the mess, put away any tools, tidy up the compost pile and sow the fields over to a cover crop/pasture that I can ignore for a few years.

    But, I've an idea for a new series,
    "Favorite Italian Road Signs" from when they made me go to driving school to get an italian license......No, I'm not kidding.