Thursday, October 3, 2013

Girandola ("pinwheel" in Italian)--finished print.

Pinwheel, 5"x7" moku hanga woodblock print

Well, this was conceived as a little study or exercise and I was hoping it would get me moving again and it worked well for that purpose.
It got me carving and printing again.
I was able to try using a little jig (floating Kento) to allow me to use the entire block for printing which was something I had wanted to try again for some time.

It allowed me also to use a new paper--Mura Udabon (from the Japanese Paper Place) a 100% Kozo washi that is internally sized and has a pronounced wood grain (the paper is dried on wooden boards and retains the texture of the boards they were dried upon.

There is a lot of overprinting despite the apparent simplicity of the print.
Each trapezoid is printed at least 2-3 times and there are subtle bokashi printings to the vanes/colored wings of the "pinwheel" shape.
I only printed 5 copies (I was proofing really) so I have to decide if it's worth going back to print any more, much less a real edition.