Friday, December 2, 2016

A few more "miracles"--printing variants and one for the dumpster.

This copy is on Magnani incisioni and is my favorite.
I started with just one sheet of Echizen Kozo, a high-quality, pre-sized 100% kozo paper. I got 10 pieces of paper from the one sheet and I also printed several versions onto what was probably Magnani incisioni, an Italian, sized, etching paper.

With just a few sheets and working with multiple thin layers of color, there's a lot of variability to the final prints. I gradually went darker and darker, not sure that I liked them on the pale side, but then looking at the darker ones, I chose not to darken the early ones to make them uniform as I still wasn't convinced.  So in the series, they go from a paler dark blue sky, to a darker pale blue sky with more or less bokashi to the lower field.

The two prints on Magnani incisioni started to resist the color (there may have been a little oil in one of the pigments) and the one I pulled out early--a hazy, glowing light blue/purple/pink version at the top of the page--is my favorite of the lot.  The darker blue one at the bottom had to be blotted as the color sat on the surface and puddled and is a bit smeared--but not really ruined.
The only reject was this one;

I should know better but every now and then I get distracted.

Final tally:

Modern Miracles, (rain for Aleppo).
e.v. 10 and 1 A/P
image is 8" x 6"; paper size is 8"x10".