Moku Hanga Prints--Recent Work

Here, in reverse chronological order, are recent works using the traditional method of moku hanga--Japanese woodblock printing.  These works have all been printed by hand, using a baren, from multiple blocks--usually one for each color. Each is an "original print"--there are subtle variations from print to print and the color quality of the pigment, which is driven into the paper during hand printing--can not be matched with mechanical reproductions.

What if I'm not ready? (Plum Blossoms) 2019

Stub. 2019
Year of the Boar 2019
Year of the Dog (Bosco) 2018

Wedge (brown) 2018

Wedge 2018

Mons Veneris 2016

Year of the Monkey, 7 blocks; Magnani incisioni paper. 2016.

Boteh 2015

Thorn bug, 2015


Narcissus, 2015

Enamel Metaphor, 2013

Fulcrum, 2013

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