Moku Hanga Prints--Recent Work

Here, in reverse chronological order, are recent works using the traditional method of moku hanga--Japanese woodblock printing.  These works have all been printed by hand, using a baren, from multiple blocks--usually one for each color. Each is an "original print"--there are subtle variations from print to print and the color quality of the pigment, which is driven into the paper during hand printing--can not be matched with mechanical reproductions.
mons Veneris, 2 blocks; Magnani etching paper.

Year of the Monkey, 7 blocks; Magnani incisioni paper. 2016.

Boteh, 8.25x11.7"-2015

Boteh, 2015; detail

Tree Farm, white-line woodblock on vintage washi.

Thorn bug, 2015

Narcissus, 2015

Right of Way, 2014

Enamel Metaphor, 2013

Fulcrum, 2013

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