Wednesday, August 5, 2015


"Boteh" (paisley) 8.25 x 11. 7"

This is the version of my pleated hair/braid print that I completed for the 2015 Awagami International Mini Print Exhibit.  It's pretty close to what I had in mind when I started which is unusual for me and I also finished it with a few days to spare.
I'm working on a variant now, as I also committed to a printmaking exchange and I'll be using this print for that too.
But the colors are different and I'm almost done with those as they need to get out the door by the weekend.

The title is "boteh" which is the leaf or fig-shaped motif seen on the fabric of the dress.  While traditionally the boteh is felt to represent a leaf, it also has been described as a fig or wing or cypress tree.
I wanted to suggest a different origin for this ancient Persian motif and the braided hair of a young woman was created to suggest that idea. The shape of the head and braid mimics the pattern repeating on the blouse and again the shape made by the sleeve slipping off the shoulder to reveal another boteh-like shape. I'm not sure the carpet or textile historians will concur but I think the boteh looks a lot more like a woman's braided hair than a cypress tree or Griffin's wing.

This was printed from 10 of the 11 blocks I carved and there are about 15 impressions in each print.
One cherry block and 9 shina plywood and one birch ply.