Saturday, August 30, 2008

Shapes/Postures woodcut--color proof

Last night I pulled the color proofs of the Shapes and Postures woodcut....I'll look at them a few days before cutting and printing on good paper. There were a few color variants but this was the one I'll go with. There is still a bit of trimming to do to eliminate some unwanted spotting of ink off the edges of the block and around the letters. The paper size is 11"X14 and the image about 11X12.
My scanner isn't quite big enough to fit the picture so the edges are cropped a bit. My attempts to cut and paste half the image at a time just wasted two hours of computer time......someday I'll have to learn how to use photoshop.......The composition is a bit off....the price of sketching directly on the block.

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  1. I was creeped out by your image and here is the reason why:

    Just thought you should know! Happy printing!