Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Nn for nest

This is the final version of the collaborative print done with Sami's 3rd grade class.
I cut a color block for the background but kept it simple and deliberately left the squares of the children's drawings white. My creative contribution is the purple letters to the top Left and the choice of blue for the background. I found a nice dark blue mat and frame at the local art store and will drop it off tomorrow.

Printing a big, damp sheet of Washi was much harder than I expected and there is some spotting of ink to the print that is the result of it just being harder to manipulate and print a big sheet of paper.

I printed a total of 7 copies. Three on Shin Torinoko ( a machine made paper made of linen and acid-free pine pulp and 4 on Masa Dosa, a handmade Japanese paper that is a very bright white and rougher in texture. There are 2-3 less-than perfect impressions and one that I printed on the wrong side of the paper leaving 3 pretty good copies.
Hopefully they'll find homes soon.


  1. What a wonderful project, and a great outcome. That's some heavy carving you did of the children's drawings - kudos!

  2. They will all find homes, I am sure, a charming project (with plenty of hard work from you!). And you can always print more should demand arise!

  3. What a great project - I'm sure they will all go to good homes where they will be treasured. I agree with Annie - some exquisite carving went on there!

  4. Hi Andrew, I sent you an email reply and have gotten a message that it couldn't be delivered. Any ideas?