Thursday, March 18, 2010

Humidity surfing

Well, as I expected, my registration problems were due to my keyblock spending too much time in my damp studio and getting too big. I brought the keyblock inside and let it dry out and when I started printing it was TOO SMALL...but this time I was ready so I slowly dampened the block and pulled throwaway proofs until the block gradually reached the right size and then I started printing away. A few are still a hair off register some on the short side (early prints) but once the block settled in it stayed stable long enough for me to print a good 50 prints. Not much to show yet. They're all still in a stack drying out and the finished print looks much like the earlier proof but once they're signed and editioned I'll post one. I've got enough to send out the 50 I need for the Baren Asian Zodiac exchange. I'll still have to print another batch of about 40 for all the friends and relatives to whom I usually send cards. Hopefully by April???


  1. Living in Florida, I know from whence you speak! Always attempting to adjust the temperature to print. Can not wait to see the results.

  2. It took me a while to realize that dampness throws off registration. LOL I was thinking I might see you at Urgent Care, it would have been nice to have a bonafide artist stitch me up :) I think my wound is doing OK, the tissue looks fairly happy.