Saturday, May 8, 2010

Scooter Kiss Again

I'm finally back in the studio trying to catch up on some unfinished printing. This week a revisit to a print I did in early 2009 in black and white; tipped in watercolor for a wedding gift; decided to carve color blocks and printed a few proofs and then got paper all cut and ready but never got around to printing. The multicolor background is printed in two to three passes mixing rice paste and water to one end of the block, color to the other end and blending where they overlap before printing. In the rainbow example yellow was brushed out first bottom to top 1/3. Next blue from the top down and lastly a red orange strip at the bottom.
The printing was a bit sloppy. I was just printing 25 or so and registration was always a tad off and as I would get things adjusted I'd run out of prints. But I got a good batch done; about half are decent and half give-aways (a bit off-register or a splotch of color in the wrong spot). Mostly I'm trying to finish some unfinished projects before I start on anything new. I'm still mulling over the next work. One of the problems of having to work a real job is now that my artistic production has fallen way off I have new ideas and challenges coming in faster than I can realize the old ones that I never started and I can't decide whether to tackle the "good idea" projects I never initiated or one of my fresher, new ideas that are starting to go in a new direction.
So, I solved that dilemma by just pulling out some old blocks and printing away. Basically just procrastinating but thinking all the while about what's going to be next.

Scooter Kiss
Polychrome woodblock print (moku hanga)
5" X 8" paper size/3.5"X 5.5" image size


  1. Great colors. It's fun to revisit old blocks.

  2. This is delightful! Love the color and quirky subject.