Monday, January 3, 2011

La Sposa

There was a time when you wouldn't undress before me.
But that was years ago.
Maybe you're finally comfortable with my presence.

Maybe after all this time you no longer see me before you
Or can't hear my breath or footstep
Or just can't be bothered any longer with modesty and shyness.

Maybe you know that I will always find you beautiful,
And find my gaze so natural and normal as to be like the beating of your heart
Something of which we are almost unawares
Unless it goes faster
Or skips or stops.


  1. Beautiful. All of it. Thank you for sharing this very personal work.

  2. Dear Sherrie;

    Thanks for reading and commenting. There is always the long deep breath before posting...should I really be sharing this.....?
    But as I was drawing it felt right and the poem wrote itself.

    I know its an open forum but with so few readers it feels at times like a private diary...

  3. My thoughts totally echo Sherrie's. This is a lovely, soulful, and moving tribute in all ways.

    I know exactly what you mean about the long deep breath before posting part. How much should we share of the inner parts or ourselves? How wonderful that you did.