Saturday, April 23, 2011

Not the Easter Bunny

Proofing continues.

I managed to print 3-4 color variants of my still-unfinished, Year of the Rabbit card.
I have the yellow block pretty much squared in and registration was satisfactory, if not perfect. I need to work on the ring over the Right eye and there was some unwanted embossing of the paper where I hadn't cleared the block well enough.

There is still to trim back or shim the red block--the red jewel is a bit out of registration...and there is a little general clean up to do as well on the rabbit block and the keyblock.

But I still think I have to play with the colors a bit and I'd like the gold rings to be a bit more visible...I may try some metallic ink. I touched in some gold gouache with a small paintbrush and I liked the effect but would prefer to print it.
HOPE to try printing later this week.....


  1. Such a fun print. So many fine details on the metal rabbit. I think the gold ink would look great.