Friday, August 19, 2011


trash bag doodle No 1.

I have quite a few ideas gurgling away in the back of my mind/psyche. Some are pretty ambitious and involved and not something I want to tackle as I get ready to relocate to Italy (I leave in 2 weeks). But although I have a few simpler ideas I could probably get done before I leave, I haven't yet really jumped into anything with enthusiasm. In the meanwhile, I'm cleaning out the house and filling the recycling bins with papers and trash.

Needing to get out of the house, I grabbed my sketchbook and headed downtown. Not surprisingly, I've been drawing trash bags. Mostly in threes. Sometimes just one. Never two.

I like the one on the left as a possible woodblock print and started to think about printing logistics. The doodles on the bottom are thoughts about color separations and blocks. I would try this with six or seven blocks--with or without a keyblock.
However, this particular image could probably be tackled as a REDUCTION print, using just one block, gradually printing and then carving away from the image. I could go light to dark and progressively overlap colors to get the darks needed for the black and dark plastic.

I've never done a reduction print--and while it would solve all sorts of registration issues and would probably be faster; it would mean destroying the block as I go along, with no chance to go back and reprint areas later if they are too light or the wrong shade.


  1. Nice! Reduction would mean no waste - another grace.

  2. I make a lot of reduction prints -- to save wood and because of the 'just out of my complete control' that I like, as it allows some interesting and surprising results ( if you want to take a look at my work. Your Japan print was wonderful!

  3. Well, I'm definitely eager to try a reduction print.
    It may not, however, be this one.
    I've been staring at my 8 x 10" version just thinking and thinking.....

    But I somehow like the idea of using traditional,
    black line/Ukiyo-e treatment to this rather mundane, unconventional subject.

    I'll decide today.

  4. Renee,
    Thank you for your comments about my Kimono print. It came out quite differently than I imagined when I started, I still have misgivings about how it ended up but it is growing on me over time.

    I have seen your prints before and have visited your website. I like very much your four seasons triptych (plums and persimmons especially).

    I also like the idea of your vintage purse series.