Saturday, October 22, 2011


Looking for defects.

Finished printing my Beetle print this afternoon. It took much longer than I imagined.
In this photo I'm looking over the nearly finished prints to look for any that need reprinting of the keyblock in the few prints where it didn't print dark enough and in the dozen or so in which I decided to print it last.
Each block took about 4-5 hrs to print so I spent the better part of a week printing-- one color by hand each morning. 5 blocks printed about 8 times for 80 copies=over 600 impressions.

No photos of the finished print tonight.
My camera batteries died and the scanner I have is so old it is no longer supported by my current computer.

But tomorrow I hope to upload some JPEGs of the finished prints.

Now it is just to let the paper dry; then sign, number, separate and trim the finished prints. But tonight I'll wash out the brushes and let the blocks air dry too.


  1. Nice workspace. Glad to see you are settled in and printing again. The only thing missing from this picture is a samoe............yeah, I forget to put mine on half the time too!

  2. The Samue is hanging on a hook in my bedroom; one of the few garments I brought with me.
    As I spend each day scuttling like a crab hither and thon; One kid down to the bus stop, back home, grab the other kid; come home; draw or print a bit; run back out.
    It's often just too hard to keep changing clothes.
    This is the library study; still not a dedicated work space as I'm working some days in the kitchen, some in the study and some days in the spare bedroom.....