Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lizard Skin

Two quick shots of the proofs of yesterday's block.

The block prints pretty well; I used just a bit of Payne's Gray and Pthalo blue and paste to test the holes.
Registration was on for this block and the keyblock.

No more shots of this print for a while:
Two of my color blocks are off-register by about 1/8th of an inch.
Too much to be just cutting error on a small print and I was VERY meticulous to cut all the Kentos exactly the same. I think wood expansion is the culprit as I pasted two of the hanshitas down two weeks later than the first two.
I'll try to adjust the kentos and trim first but I may have to recarve two blocks.

This looks pretty good like this but it's pretty far from the intended print.
This texture would be more appropriate for a Gila monster or Beaded lizard and less so for the small, green anole I have in mind.
I'll have to see if the other blocks can be salvaged and suspect/hope the final work will be quite different.


  1. I like it a lot, it may not be realistic for that reptile, but it is, to me, a pleasing and exciting texture. Gila Monster next ?

  2. Thanks, D.
    Yes it really has an appealing look like this and there is some embossing too that makes it look really textured.
    I like it as it is so I'll be curious to see if the other blocks improve it. If not there may be some black and white lizards too.

  3. you mean 3mm? - that's quite a lot.
    try to leave blocks in the water for a night. Maybe it will expand I don't know. :)) cool print. cheers.

  4. Great, personality-filled lizard! I like it as is, too... but I can imagine the potential for color additions and am looking forward to seeing how it goes.