Sunday, June 3, 2012

English Roses, Italian Vases

I printed one background color yesterday on my Maple print and as they are now too damp to print on I have a day off from that project.
So, I spent the day in the garden today. In addition to planting a seed crop of edamame and sweet corn, I deadheaded the roses that are finishing up their amazing May flowering but cut a few nice ones to bring in the house.

They're David Austin English roses and are very fragrant.

The white Art Deco vase I borrowed from my Mother-in-law; It's produced by Lavenia, an Italian pottery firm in the North and judging from the stepped lines it must be from the 30's.
The painted vase/water pitcher is one I bought years ago on my first trip to Florence and is of modern (1985) vintage.

And last night I caught the haunting fragrance of the Linden trees which means they too must have just started flowering. Hope to do some drawing soon. If I EVER finish the current print, the bell-like Linden flowers would be a nice pairing with the Maple seeds......

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