Monday, November 5, 2012

Revenge of the Sugar Donuts

They came--
Not two-by-two but in sixes and dozens.

Almost all human cultures have not only a complex cosmology of the origins of Man and the World but they almost ALL have some version of a fried tasty cake or dumpling.
I decided that enough artists have fully explored the nature of Myth, Symbol and the mystical origins of Spirit and Culture but few have adequately explored the elaborate ramifications and layers that involve millennia of deep-fat frying.

Revenge of the Sugar Donuts(detail)
moku hanga, Japanese polychrome woodblock print
5.7" X 13"
printed from 5 blocks with watercolor pigment and marble dust.
E.V. 22

This print comes from one of the many funny drawings doodled into the margins of my sketchbooks. No deep meaning.
Not unless you want to dig a little bit.


  1. OMG Andrew. If you only knew how much I would like one of those. And pizza. Really bad. I am way over rice.......
    Mara says "HI"!

  2. No donuts here either but plenty of other tasty edibles to keep me distracted: chocolate, pasta,gelato, pizza, etc., etc.
    (had a comice pear sorbet just yesterday....)
    No decent sushi though.....