Monday, May 19, 2014

May Etagami

While I may not have made the cover,  my first etagami for the Italian/Japanese Etagami exchange made it into the May 2014 edition of Etagami monthly.

That's my red radicchio on the left. Pg. 4.

This is the cover of the May Etagami news magazine.

I don't think it's due to the incredible beauty or calligraphy of my work, but instead due to the fact as this is the first Etagami exchange organized by that association outside of Japan, and this is Florence, it made interesting news for their readers. There was a multi-page article about Florence, and the exchange. I think there are about 30 Italians participating.

The etagami that I sent to Japan this month was taken from a recent photograph of a grape vine budding out. In the wine-making world, this represents the beginning of the growing cycle and the bud will soon be a long vine studded with grapes.  The accompanying text reads, "Some calendars have different beginnings...".

Some Calendars have different beginnings. 3"x5" sumi and watercolor on Japanese kozo paper.

I also did another, this time in English; and sent it off as a postcard to a gardener and friend in Santa Cruz.

And today I stopped by the LAILAC Japanese cultural center to pick up my just-arrived card from from my etagami/penpal in Japan; It portrays what I think must be a blue clematis--called Tessen in Japanese.
I think I can now add to my Curriculum vitae that my work has been published in
"International Art Journals".......


  1. Thanks so much for visiting my etegami blog and leaving a comment. I'm thrilled to see that you do etegami too, and hope we can exchange etegami one of these days. My address is in the banner of my mailart blog for received mailart. There's a link on the sidebar of my etegami blog.

    1. Thanks, DosankoDebbie. I've visited your site(s) often....I really like your eye and hand. I'm clearly a beginner when it comes to the etagami (and trying to write in Japanese pictographs) but it is great alternative to the slow and methodical process of moku hanga and fun for me too.