Sunday, January 29, 2017

WAKE UP! JPEG Rooster for download.

Wake UP!. Anyone who would like to download this image to use to write to your senator, state representative, school board, governor, local city council or any local, state or national representative--even aunts and uncles that need to be reminded that free speech and freedom of religion and freedom of association, etc. need to be protected and fought for. You have my permission to use and download this image for personal use. Please no commercial use but send as many as you like. It's formatted to 4" x 8" so should fit in a standard business envelope. Please Share. Year of the FIRE rooster.  The file below should be original size and less than 1MB. 


  1. Thank you, Andrew! I think I will be sending many of your Roosters to see if they can get some action out of some of my Reps!

  2. Thank you Sharri. They'll at least get noticed.