Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Carving Blood

Well, I decided to step away from my big Jajim print for a little pause. I haven't done any carving since early this year and I wanted to make some chips fly.

SO I went back into my unfinished projects file and pulled out a little print that never got farther than a preparatory sketch. While brainstorming ideas for one of the Baren Forum exchanges I posted this as one of the ideas that got nixed. Several followers--well, most of them actually since I have so few--said that it was too bad as they liked the idea.
So did I. So I went back to my preparatory sketch--it was on old mat board and I looked it over--I added some type for the title and drove over to Kinko's and made a xerox to serve as my Hanshita. Glued it down that night and spent most of yesterday carving the keyblock. This morning I recut a few spot repairs I made on some slips. It looks mostly ok but it's carved pretty shallowly so printing will tell if it's deep enough.

Now I'm back into a stretch of shifts for work until next week but hope to get in to test print and see how much cleaning up I need to do on this block. And how many other blocks I'll need.


  1. Whimsical. What was the exact theme you had in mind? I may have missed that one.

  2. When I saw the title I feared you'd cut yourself, but I see this was not the case....nice lines.

  3. No you feared correctly. The design includes a predrawn stain. But this is just half the board. As I was cutting it yesterday with my pull saw I did cut my thumb and bled all over the other half.

    This idea is discussed here:

    It is about my other job--I work in an Urgent Care and used to work in a busy ER and is about being spattered and stained; literally and metaphorically by all sorts of body fluids;
    blood, urine, amniotic fluid, pus, etc.
    I'll discuss as it progresses what it's about.