Thursday, July 22, 2010

Poppy 2

Well, salvage time. Mom's birthday and I didn't send flowers. (I didn't forget, she was in Norway! Cruising her way around the fjords).
This was the first pull off of Big Blue; it printed very spotty, the red was all wrong and the green dried on the plate and didn't print onto the dry paper.
So, watercolor to the rescue.
Daniel Smith artist color and some pure pigment brushed into the petals to get that vibrant red I wanted. Lots of greens mixed both on the paper and palette.
It's a little overworked and the drawing's a bit off. But it's way better than it was before. Hope I can get it dry and in the mail before the ship returns to port.


  1. Yes the mottling that came off the press translated on the Rives with some nice textures when I mopped in some dense watercolor.

    I wish I had your way with color though.

    There's a Winsor blue glaze over most of the green which was pretty ghastly before.

  2. Well. Mom Likes it. It is certainly the biggest card she got for her birthday this year.
    The combination of the bright colors and slight resist and texture of the monoprint have a nice effect seen in hand.
    Hope to finish my Jajim pieces soon and the stain work and then I'll play some more.