Monday, August 9, 2010

Almost there

Well, while I didn't get into the studio as much as I'd have liked--I managed to get these proofs done today and I'm pretty happy. I carved all day Sunday. Trimmed paper and printed these color proofs today. There is still some tidying up to do. The thin tie stripes need to be cut back a bit at the bottom to match the color tie block but we are almost there.
There will still be some surprise. It would be too boring for me to know exactly where this will end up--I'll be printing on Nishinouchi, an warm, off-white, slightly newsprinty paper that will change the colors somewhat. And I won't really decide until I'm sitting down with the bowls and colors in front of me which one I'll do. But I've only cut 25 pieces of paper so there will probably be another run and that will allow another color.
The biggest challenge still is the blood spot. It has three colors/impressions and it's still not right.


  1. I have a tie just like the taupe one on the left.
    But I don't wear it much anymore.

    It has a stain near the bottom.


  2. Lovely work, Andrew!

    I like that you are welcoming a surprise during your printing. I am often too anxious, neurotic, as I don't see myself as a good printer. Welcoming the surprise might be useful for me!

    Your subject matter is quirky enough to be very inspiring.

    By the way, is "urban farmer" my oxymoron of the day? :o)


  3. i really like the way this one is progressing! its hard to tell on the computer but perhaps you could add a just a little iron oxide or indian red to the red you are using to darken it up and tone it down i bit?

  4. I'll have to dig around for an iron oxide. But the red is definitely too orange and not dark enough.

    I'll have to do a post about "urban farming". It is no longer an oxymoron although I'm no longer farming--a source of much frustration and angst.
    But the slow erosion of food security and availability that is one of many side effects of the industrialization of farming in the last 100yrs is something I'm very interested in.
    Chickens and vegetable gardens on the front lawn have cropped up in my suburban American landscape; something that might not surprise a European reader--but is a definite change in mindset here.

  5. I meant it as a joke, as I collect oxymorons.

    And there are real political (social) issues of a rural / urban polarity for many of my fellow country folks.

    You're right, though, as my nearby city Ottawa is currently debating whether chickens should be allowed on city lots!

    I'd read your thoughts on urban farming. Hey, there's a woodcut in that idea too :o)

    Cheers, Oscar

  6. is that blood arterial or venous? I mean wouldn't that make a difference in color?

  7. Arterial or venous it would turn bright red on contact with air--the miracle of hemaglobin. But it is an iron-based red/livery purple in shadow turning brown as it ages. This should be fairly fresh looking so its just a matter of getting the right shade...(without poking myself in the finger!) Tomorrow after work I'll have a go. Keyblock is printed. (Sumi and raw umber).