Monday, May 16, 2011

Shina Kimono

Well, I meant to include this photo in the last post but didn't have my camera and the sketch was too big for my scanner. This is about a 11" X 16" board of Shina Plywood (a kind of Japanese Linden or Basswood). I have three of these for a total of six plates.

This is the almost finished keyblock for my effort for the Japan Relief print--if I can get it done in time.
There's still to fix a few slips/lost lines and I have to carve the 4-5 color blocks that should go with this but this should be the bulk of the carving work.

I'll be quiet for a while as I do need to work and I still have some details not quite worked out.

I doubt this will offend anybody who isn't already aghast at what I was thinking before.
The real fear now is that it won't be interesting.


  1. OK, ok all is forgiven LOL. I'm sure with colors and all you'll make it interesting. I thought mine was too dull and just sort of carved things here and there without really knowing what it would do to the whole and it turned out alright and I don't think it's too dull.

  2. andrew,
    I really like this design and am anxious to see what you do with it