Thursday, July 21, 2011


Here are a few of the scribblings I did in the waiting room Monday.

All of the half-circle shapes are for a large, collaborative puzzle print and my small piece of wood is this shape.
I still haven't really decided on a direction.

The lampreys are one of the recurring opportunistic/parasitic organisms that inhabit my sketchbooks and psyche....

The lungs.....I don't know; holding my breath?inside/outside? Life/living?
Again it's an image that I've drawn over and over; sometimes quite literally, other times more oddly hidden or masked.

I've been looking over these and my sketchbooks these few days.
I'm off during Alex's recovery so I've had some time at home.
I'm getting itchy to start a NEW print....I've even been looking at my blank blocks and plank lumber, just looking at boards as sometimes the wood itself will tell me what to do.
I'm waiting for the dust to settle and A. to return to normal before I really go forward. But he's healing fast and I've had hours to myself when he hasn't really needed supervision.

I even managed to pull a stack of damp, partially-printed rabbit prints out of the freezer and finish them yesterday!
They're in a stack drying by the vent and should be ready to go out in the next 1-2 days!

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  1. Dear Andrew,
    sono stata un po' assente dai blog altrui per cui leggo le tue notizie solo ora.
    Ammiro tantissimo la tua forza e la tua capacità di trasformare momenti che non so immaginare come possano essere stati in arte e cose propositive.
    Auguro cose belle a te e a tutta la tua famiglia.
    (scusa se ho scritto in italiano ma in inglese avevo pausa di non riuscire e trasmettere bene le mie parole)

    Su una nota completamente diversa, le stampe conservate in freezer sono una cosa geniale!
    A presto