Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Studio Shuffle

My new space, freshly painted.

There's been a lot going on in the last few weeks.
Today, I finished painting my new studio. It's not really a "new" studio.  I am just shifting rooms from a room towards the back closer to the street and front access. One of our 4 artists moved out. My neighbor took the front room and I decided that since I am hoping to start teaching moku hanga classes in Florence that having our rooms contiguous would allow us to occasionally share spaces (each room alone is only big enough for 3-4 students but together can host up to 8-10).
I took advantage of the emptied room to repaint it but that meant pulling down lots of ugly shelves, patching holes, painting the walls and today finishing the painted baseboard. While the rest of the studio is peaceful, neutral beige/off-white, I went with colors a bit more fanciful.
The back wall is a white indoor house paint with a ton of leftover dry pigment mixed in: mostly phthalo blue and burnt umber.
This is the space before painting.

And after.

While this is my current room--charming but very cluttered.

Tomorrow I will start moving stuff forwards but as you can see from my old room photos, I've accumulated a lot of stuff and hope I can take advantage of the move to get rid of many things that don't belong.
But while I hope to get moved in very soon, it may be a bit before I can get any real work done:

I'm preparing for the Japanese Cultural Fair that opens in 2 weeks and where I'll be doing a printing demonstration and I found out today that I will be assisting and supervising a stonecarving studio's independent study for a local, private Exchange program one day a week through December.
Plus I have shallots and garlic to plant, and fields to prepare for next year.
Not to mention New prints to start and finish.

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