Friday, November 13, 2015


Only a few students showed up for the first open studio today but the presence of three young sculptors meant I kept the space open and once they were working and I was sure all was under control,  I was able to pull out a piece of marble from the scrap pile and have a go.
It was already roughed out as a sort of long cylinder with 4 stud/pronglike things at the top, and it's been drilled for a rod in the bottom so the orientation is already established.

I've only worked the middle section...the rest is still "as found".

Don't ask me what it's going to be yet as it hasn't decided, and nor have I.
I will say I worked mostly today on the middle section, narrowing it and changing it and helping to give it some clarity.

I think I see a direction. So I took a few photos: Front/Back/Profiles so I can mull it over a bit.
It was ugly to start.
It is still ugly.
I wonder what happens next?

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