Sunday, October 17, 2010

A brief pause from our sponsors...

In the wee hours I decided to put the cat in the garage--she has started waking us all up at 4-5am when she decides it's a good time to be fed and that's getting old really fast.
But I had opened the garage door earlier in the evening and forgotten to close it.
There's water, a litter box and usually some food in a dish for her nights there.

So, walking in with the reluctant cat in my arms when I stepped on the threshold there was a lot of noise/crashing/bustle and first one large dark shape rushed past my legs and as I jumped back, cat scratching, two more furry dark shapes rushed past, climbed the fig tree and jumped onto the shed.

SO here they are.
They're called "orso lavatore" in Italian, (washing bears).

They've been turning over my garbage pail, eating/stealing all the figs, raiding the cat dish and more or less being quite a late night nuisance.

I hope they are at least fans of my work.


  1. The big one is really big. Shuffling past it seemed to be a small carnival bear or some kind of feral child. Really spooked me.
    Afterwards I had to smile.
    They really are cute.

  2. reminds me of the time I grabbed at a furry creature thinking it was my cat, evading coming inside for the night but to my horror (and the horror of the possum) turned out to be an Australian Brush tail Possum!

    I dropped the creature real fast! could not believe I was so quick as to catch it!

  3. We have opossums too. Our only marsupial. They all vie with each other and a few feral cats for whatever my very finicky cat leaves uneaten.

    It's usually between 1 and 3am and only comes to my attention if I'm working late or watching bad, late night movies.