Monday, October 25, 2010

All that printmaking makes me hungry!

Two leftover pears in the fridge, a mostly eaten bag of semisweet chocolate chips and a lack of anything sweet and baked to munch on....what to do.

Alexander and I whipped out a mostly invented recipe for upside-down pear cake but added chocolate chips and left out the maple syrup. Bar Petrarca in Florence makes a killer pear and chocolate butter cake but we're just too far away.
Hope this will fill the void.

Still steaming from the oven. Hope it cools soon enough to eat some.


  1. Well, it's gone.
    We all had a slice last night. Then my mom brought a big piece over to the neighbors and what was left was eaten by the boys for breakfast and my mom while I was at work.
    I found a little sliver on the cake plate when I came home. No one wanted to be guilty of having finished it.

  2. Oh, it was really good.
    Butter, brown and turbinado sugar, bittersweet chocolate chips, d'anjou pears, flour and vanilla and eggs--how could it not be?