Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Free Pizza-Etagami Giveaway!

Pizza Margherita,  etagami-sumi and watercolor on postcard washi.

The Blogspot Visit counter says that as of this writing I have 49,317 visits since I started writing here in 2008.  With about 100 visits a day, I should be reaching 50,000 visits to this site in less than a week.
Ironically, for an Art--(and sometimes farming)-- blog, half of all visits are for the posts dealing with my home-made, adobe/cob pizza oven.

Food trumps Art. Or at least Pizza trumps Art.
So, in honor of the Great Day when I will reach 50,000 visits and in respect for the vast hordes that check in regularly from Poland, Russia, China, India, and elsewhere for my infrequent oven posts I have created a new etagami featuring perhaps the most popular pizza here in Italy,
Pizza Margherita;  roma tomatos, mozzarella (should be buffalo milk) and basil--thin crust and baked in a wood-fired oven.

 I will be giving it away to a random visitor to my blog between now and the day I hit 50K.

To be eligible you must leave a comment here and I will randomly select the winner and mail this etagami to the Lucky recipient.
With just 59 regular visitors, the odds are certainly better than your local lottery.....


  1. Hey I'm first! Pick me randomly! Nice drawing, Andrew. And fun idea.

  2. You know I am one of your biggest fans....I love this piece.

  3. I'm in! Fun idea Andrew!
    Lisa Toth

  4. Love your blog...and pizza. Pick me! I find these etagami cards very interesting.

  5. Now it tells me I have to comment - so this may be the second one. Fun idea and I can't wait to win!!

  6. Margherita pizza Christine's favorite

  7. Yum, my favorite pizza too. Congrats on your upcoming teaching demos!

  8. What a lovely way to celebrate! All the best!